Scholarly Work

Developmental Science: Theory and Practice

Developmental and learning scientists have conducted a lot of research helping higher education leadership to design environments where learning can flourish. Why is it that so little of this work gets into the hands of users. In these articles, Budwig and Alexander explore challenges of conducting transdisciplinary work in developmental inquiry.

Linking Theory and Research in the Learning and Developmental Sciences to Higher Education

Theory and research from the learning and developmental sciences can help us reinvigorate liberal education. We need to more explicitly tie the framing and assessment of liberal education to research in the learning and developmental sciences. This body of work begins to forge such linkages. 

Knowledge and Practice

How do new conceptions of knowledge and practice within the human and learning sciences impact the organization of the modern university? Here I make the argument that interest in use-inspired research, interdisciplinary studies, and practice-based learning are all part of a broader shift in the conceptualization of knowledge and practice in the academy.

The Interdisciplinary Study of Human Development

Often scholarship in the area of human development is carried out in solos. Considering cognitive, social and language development holistically adds richness to our understanding. This body of work aims to illustrate the value of studying human development holistically and across disciplinary areas.

Language Development and Language Socialization

How does language develop and simultaneously become a major tool for cultural learning?