AAC&U: Capstone and Signature Work
Clark University has been invited to join with academic leaders from eight colleges and universities to begin work on advancing the goals of the LEAP Challenge recently launched by the Association of American Colleges & Universities (AAC&U). Nancy Budwig has taken the lead at Clark, working with others to align the work Clark is doing for AAC&U on the signature project with Clark’s own ongoing Liberal Education & Effective Practice (LEEP) curricular framework efforts. Nancy is spending the academic year 2016-2017 as a senior fellow working closely with Amy Jensen-Marshall and others on strengthening this work and tying it to other LEAP Challenge projects.

AAC&U: Faculty Leadership for Integrative Liberal Learning
As the Association of American Colleges and Universities began work on cultivating faculty leadership for integrative liberal learning, nine schools were invited to participate with funding provided by the Teagle Foundation. Working as individual institutions and collectively in a series of joint convenings, the nine schools worked with AAC&U leadership to articulate principles and practices that help guide integrated liberal learning for today’s students. In addition, schools worked to create and strengthen models for faculty leadership and oversight of integrated liberal learning. Nancy served as Clark’s academic administrative lead on this project working closely with Clark faculty and AAC&U leadership on this work. A publication written by Nancy and the Clark team published in Peer Review is available online.

Aspen Institute Business and Society Program Education Consortium
In 2014, Clark University was invited to join the Aspen Undergraduate Business Education Consortium which has been designed to strengthen undergraduate education in both the liberal arts and business, by focusing on curricular and co-curricular approaches that integrate the two. The main goal of this project has been to explore ways business education can assist students to have a fuller sense of their place in the world and prepare them to live a life of meaning and purpose. Nancy Budwig served as the administrative lead representing Clark in this consortium, joined by Priscilla Elsass, Associate Professor in Clark’s Graduate School of Management. Clark used this as a chance to deepen work going on in Clark’s management major with Clark LEEP curricular framework, making presentations at two of the yearly convenings.