Wilson has supervised and read many undergraduate Senior Theses in Art History while at Clark University. Here is a list of titles and authors:

Kira Houston ’23, “Queer Relationality: Ray Johnson’s Silhouettes as Glyphs, Dumps, Letters and Holes” [adviser]

Maire O’Donnell ’23, “Resignification and Reclaiming during La Movida Madrileña: Artificiality and Subversion in Ouka Leele’s Peluquería” [adviser]

Toni Armstrong ’19, “‘The Nation Which Rejects the Home’: Katherine Dreier and a New Museum for the American Home” [adviser]

Alice Dillon ’19, “Solidarity and Inclusion: An Exploration of Lesbian HIV/AIDS Activism through Photography” [co-advised with History Department]

Alisha Savoy ’19, “Remedios Varo: Finding Home as an Exile” [adviser]

Katherine Grady ’18, “A Comparison Between French and Italian Books of Hours: The Tension Between Female Agency and Idealized Womanhood” [second reader]

Jeremy Doss ’17, “The Triumph of Jean-Michel Basquiat: The Black Self in Conflict with Modernity” [adviser]

Abby Moon ’17, “Primitivist Nostalgia and Postwar Solitude: The Emotionalism of Ernst Ludwig Kirchner’s 1924 Umbra Vitae Woodcuts” [adviser]

Selena Shabot ’15, “Entartete Frauen: Artistic Representation and Gender Politics in the Degenerate Art Exhibition of 1937″ [adviser]

J. Dunlop Spahr ’14, “The Temple at Antiochia ad Cragum: An Examination of Roman Imperial Architectural Mouldings” [second reader]

Kristin Withers ’14, “The Reconstruction of the Corinthian Capital at Antiochia ad Cragum” [second reader]

Stefanie Gough ’14, “Uncanny Reflection in Corinth’s At the Mirror: A Neuropsychological Look at the Effects of a Stroke on Perceptions of Identity and Truth” [adviser]

Casey Harrington ’13, “A Stately Family Portrait: Exploring the artist, story, and significance of the double portrait in the Worcester Art Museum titled Antonio Montalvo’s Wife, and One of His Sons, by a follower of Angnolo Bronzino (1503-1572)” [second reader]

Mary Gumpert ’12, “Can you CopyRight a Square? Examining Kazimir Malevich’s Legacy and the issue of Authenticity in Unattributed art from the Russian Avant-Garde” [adviser]

Jared Packard-Winkler ’12, “The Pollock Mystique: Constructed in the Eyes of Popular Culture” [adviser]

Amelia M. Reno ’12, “Temple at Antiochia Ad Gragum: Anta Reconstruction Project” [second reader]

Ashley McNelis ’11, “Lee Miller’s Development as an Artist: The Appropriation of Surrealism in Covering the Second World War” [adviser]

Patrick Greer ’11, “Kant and Bell: Form in Modern Art” [thesis in Philosophy, second reader]

Claire Frost ’10, “Interpreting Usonia: Frank Lloyd Wright’s Baird and Zimmerman Houses” [adviser]

Adam Parison’ 10, “Van Gogh’s Metamorphosis: Japonisme and Japanese Art’s Effect on Van Gogh’s Paintings” [adviser]

Kami Lemke ’10, “Italianate Architecture: The Palazzo Vecchio in Massachusetts” [second reader]

Tiffany Racco ’06, “Seicento Naples: Patronage and Painting in the Age of Spanish Imperialism” [second reader]

Kelli Blank ’05, “The Rest Will Follow: Authority and the Early Buildings of the Worcester Art Museum” [adviser]