Student Research

 Josué Gabriel Yarlequé Ipanaqué
GIS Analyst for TELEMATICA S.A, Esri’s International Distributor in Lima, Peru

Gold Mining and Land Cover Change in Madre de Dios, Peru: A Remote Sensing Study Using Landsat-5 Thematic Mapper Data [PDF]
As a GIS Analyst I work with the Project Development and Support Team. I help public and private institutions maximize the use of the ArcGIS Platform (Desktop, Server, Online and Pro), as well as other ESRI products and services.I also provide smart solutions to optimize their projects and decision making processes in areas such as urban planning, conservation and resources management, social programs, transportation, emergency management, etc. As a certified ArcGIS for Desktop instructor I lead hands-on training sessions and technical workshops on the uses and applications of ArcGIS for different institutions in Peru.


Kimberly Johnson
B.A. Geography, Clark University
Graduate School of Geography

Saira Khan
B.A. Geography 
B.A. International Development & Social Change (2017)
M.S. GIS (expected 2018)
Graduate School of Geography

Mapping Overlap Between Extractive Industries, Agriculture, and Indigenous Communities: A Case Study of the San Andrés Mine in Copán, Honduras


Maria Luisa Escobar Pardo
B.A. Geography
Graduate School of Geography
Clark University
Worcester, MA 01610




KPatelKayla Patel

Evaluating conflict surrounding mineral extraction in Ghana: Assessing the spatial interactions of large and small-scale mining



zrZoe Ritter 
GIS Analyst for the New York City Department of Environmental Protection

Spatial variations among factors influencing mineral extraction-related conflict in Peru: an analysis using geographically weighted regression