Current Projects

Now Recruiting! Relationship Booster Study

Jenna Rice is currently recruiting for her dissertation and seeking participants! 

Are you and your partner interested in potentially learning more about your relationship by participating in a research study? If you have been in a committed partnership or married for at least one year and are interested in participating together in a short conversation guided by a research clinician via Zoom, please consider participating in this study! These conversations will center on discussing a pattern that describes a core challenge in your relationship. Discussing these patterns is meant to help couples better understand each partners’ contribution to that pattern. This guided conversation will be video recorded. Before and after this conversation participants will be asked to respond to questions about their relationship. Couples will be eligible for a $5 e-gift card upon completion of the study. 

If you are interested in participating (or have any questions) please email

Values and Relationship Acceptance Study

Setareh Rossman is working on a project examining how values interventions can be used to foster acceptance in intimate relationships. If you are interested in learning more, please contact Setareh at

Relationship Checkup – Catholic Adaptation

Lizzy Engelkamp is working on creating and testing the efficacy of a faith-integrated adaption of the Relationship Checkup. If you are interested in learning more, please contact Lizzy at


Arammu is an extension of the Relationship Checkup into the personal and business world. For more information, go to