List of names of people in the glass negatives

If you know who any of these people are, please contact us! 

Note: We have listed names as the photographer, William Bullard, listed them, unless our research has shown a mistake, misspelling, etc., which we have corrected. We have added married names that we have found for females. We have also included possible names, based on our research, as of September 2014.


Mr. William Amar

Kenneth Anderson – 53 North Ashland Street

Mrs. Anderson’s baby (Frederick or Margaret?) – 53 North Ashland Street

Mrs. Bates baby (Rose Bates Wilson) – 28 Bowdoin Street

Mr. Howard Beckton & family (collage)

Mr. Howard Beckton Funeral flowers

William Beckton, Jr.

Florence Beckton

Bertha (Jacobs? Johnson? Higgins? Hawkins?) – Tufts Street

Bertha Brooks – Mason Street

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Brown

Mr. Richard Brown

Mrs. Richard (Cora L.) Brown

Frank and Annie (Jackson) Chatfield – Tufts Street

Claude Clark – 13 Dover Street

Mrs. Clark (Matilda Hardin)– 13 Dover Street

Zeline Clark – 13 Dover Street

Leo Clark – 13 Dover Street

Zenobia Clark – 13 Dover Street

Eugene Coates (baby) – Tufts Street

Willis and Betty Coles – 346 Park Avenue

Ralph Mendis

Sara(h) Davis

Thomas Dillon family: Thomas and Margaret with children: Thomas, Margaret and Mary, 4 Dewey Street

Thomas Dillon, 4 Dewey Street

Worcester Volunteer Fireman’s Association

Reuben Griffin, Spanish-American War veteran, four poses in uniform

Louise and Martha Harra

Mrs. Harra (Mary Price Harra)

Jackson children(2) – Bath Street

Johnson family group (James J. Johnson, Jennie Bradley Johnson, daughters Jennie and May (Rosa Mabel)

Jennie Johnson (Tolson), Tufts St Ext., several poses

May (Rosa Mabel) Johnson – Tufts Street Ext., several poses

Mrs. Johnson (Jennie Bradley Johnson)

Mrs. Johnson and girls (Jennie and May)

Kennedy Child (Likely Walter—Lorenzo and Margaret Kennedy’s son)

Mrs. Kennedy’s Baby (Likely child of Lorenzo and Margaret Kennedy)

Mrs. Kennedy’s Baby in Chair (Emily Kennedy)

Emily Kennedy in carriage

Mrs. Latham (Anna E Lovett)

Mrs. Latham (Anna Lovett Latham’s mother)

Mrs. Loudon’s father from Winfield Street

Loudon  girl, Winfield Street

Mrs. Loudon’s brother from Winfield Street

Mrs. Loudon

Bertha Mallory – Tufts Street

Bertha Mallory’s cat

Mrs. Mallory (Jennie Mallory?)

Walter McCrea (McCray?), several poses, 13 Dover Street

McCrea baby, 13 Dover Street

McGinty Carpenter (baby)

Mrs. Minkil’s Baby, John Street

Mrs. Susie Morris, 1 Winfield Street

Susie Morris (Bennett) and Harry Clinton Morris (children)

Miss or Mrs. Murphy (Mary Murphy?)

David T. Oswell with Viola 

Celia Perkins (3 photos)

Edward Perkins (2 photos)

Rose Perkins (3 photos)

Rose Perkins’ House (1 ½ Bath Street)

Rose Perkins and her brothers (3 photos)

Charlie Perkins (baby)

Thomas Perkins

Eliza Perkins

Anna Perkins  Carlos

Ike (Isaac) Perkins (two photos)

Mittie Perkins (child)

Martha (Patsy) Perkins, 90 Abbott Street

Mrs. (Angeline) Perkins and two children (Nellie and William)

Rosa Perkins

The Rev. William Perry and Family (Bethel AME Church)

Solomon Pierce

Mrs. Price and Son

Mrs. Rhodes baby (Jennie)

Lew Sawyer (child)

Raymond Schuyler and Children

Alonzo Shannon and George Ringels 

Shepard’s Children 

Mr. (Eugene) Shepard (2 photos)

Mrs. Shepard (Sarah Scott) and unknown lady

Mr. (Albert E.) Smith, John Street

Mrs. Mary Smith and James Martin Smith

Mr. Upsher (Joseph?)

Mrs. Upsher

Ward Children (Hattie, James Harold, Clarence)

Louis Ward

Luvenia, Lillian and Cora Ward,  John Street, Pink Street(2 photos)

James Harold Ward, Abbott Street

George Ward

Clarence and Hattie Ward, 5 Abbott Street

William Ward 56 John Street

William Ward’s baby (Charles A.) and David girl

Louis Ward

Mrs. Week’s baby, 1 Winfield Street

Weeks girl

Mrs. Week’s father’s flowers (funeral flowers)

Richard and Mary Wilson, Tufts Street

Mary Wilson


There are also a number of glass negatives of people whose names the photographer did not record.


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  1. I was wondering how could someone get to view the pictures if they live out of state? I am from Worcester and would love to see them all.

  2. Hi and thanks so much for contacting us. Because we need to control the images–and they are so easy to rip off on the internet, even with heavy watermarking–we are being careful about putting images online. We want to do an exhibit of these images, so we cannot at distribute them widely at this point. As the article notes, we are in the research stage of this project and are hoping to contact descendants of those pictured. You can see a list of the names of people currently identified here at this blog (on the left-hand side of the home page: click on “List of People in the Glass Negatives”) If you believe that you are a descendant of any of the people listed, please let us know and we would love to talk with you and show you what we have. Thanks again for your interest in this project. We are very much looking forward to sharing the photos in a future exhibit to all interested people.

  3. Hi my family names are listed Anderson Sawyer and Upsher. I was born In worchester and raised there until 1940. I have an aunt who would have a better knowledge of first names but the last names and name of child Margaret are my family members. I would love to see the pictures if possible. Please get back to me as I am very interested about this story.

  4. Hi, Doris. This is great news! We have had an especially hard time finding out much about the Sawyer and Upsher families. I am following up with an email to you now to make arrangements to meet. Thanks so much for contacting us!

  5. I think this a grrat thing your doing. My ancestors are among your list the Clark family from Dover Street I would like to speak to you more about it and would love to see the photos.

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