Lab People

Graduate students, subsequent and/or eventual positions (as known at this writing)

  • Mandy Gaudreau, current PhD student
  • Jamie Fitzgerald, PhD, 2018
  • Levi Seeley, M.S. 2017
  • John Soghigian, PhD 2016, Research Associate at Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station, New Haven CT, Research Associate, Department of Entomology, North Carolina State University
  • Marco Notarangelo, M.S. 2016, PhD student, University of Rhode Island
  • Matthew Warndorf, M.S., 2015, Reseach technician in DC area
  • Kathryn Gibbs, MA 2012, Scientist, Department of Ecology, State of Washington
  • Julie Erthal, MA 2012, PhD Student, George Washington University
  • Camilo Khatchikian, PhD 2010, Research Associate at the University of Pennsylvania, Data Science, Dartmouth College
  • Sara Koehring, MA 2009, Law and Public Health programs, University of Minnesota, Attorney in California
  • Matthew Chmielewski, MA 2008, Ph.D. student at Portland State University
  • Laran Kaplan, MA 2006, Ph.D. student at Rutgers University
  • Kristina Richio, MA 2006, research technician in the Boston area
  • Paula Hartzell, PhD 2005, Research Associate, Tulane University, Scientist, National Park Service in Hawaii
  • Henry Nagle, MA 2004, medical student, Albany Medical School
  • Christopher Vitek, PhD 2004, Research associate, Univ. of Florida, Associate Professor, University of Texas Pan American
  • John Dennehy, PhD 2003, Research associate, Yale, Professor, Queens College
  • Michelle Willey, PhD 1993, owns and operates a private-sector business
  • Mark Berman, PhD student, 1990-96, owns and operates Bugman Entoprises, an insect education venture
  • Russell Bellmer, PhD 1992, National Marine Fisheries Service, now retired
  • Robert Koenekoop, PhD 1985, MD, McGill University; Professor and Head of Ophthalmology Department, Montreal Children’s Hospital and McGill University Health Centre

Previous Undergraduates significantly involved in research projects

(note: if I have lost touch with you, please send me an update and I’ll include it here)

  • Ann Meyer, BA 2009, MAT program
  • Sara Koehring, BA 2008, MA, 2009, Law and Public Health programs, University of Minnesota
  • Hillary Gaddis, BA 2008
  • Jamie Cogliano, BA 2007, now a practicing dentist
  • Mallory Anderson, BA 2006
  • Walter Green, BA 2001, living in Worcester
  • Nate Clements, BA 1998, Honors, research technician in Boston area
  • Peter Morgan, BA Honors, 1996, working in biotech industry in Boston area
  • Heather Erb, BA Honors, 1996, living in Colorado
  • Cindy Sacramone, BA Honors, 1996, actuary in Massachusetts
  • Malcolm McFarland, BA Honors, 1996, became research technician, University of Rhode Island
  • Stephen Gaimari, BA 1990, MS, Washington State, PhD, Illinois; now entomologist and Program Supervisor, Plant Pest Diagnostics, California Department of Food & Agriculture
  • Sarah Zapolsky, BA 1988, MA, Florida State; Senior Research Advisor, AARP
  • Gary Perlman, BA Honors, 1986, entered graduate program at Yale University
  • Stephen Futterweit, BA 1985, now practicing as a Physician’s Assistant in New York
  • Michael Rosenzweig, BA Honors, 1985, MS, PhD, Virginia Tech; now teaching and directingoutreach in Biology at Virginia Tech; founder of SEEDS
  • David Rubin, BA Honors, 1984, PhD, Penn State; Professor, Illinois State University, now deceased
  • Ray Vaskas, BA Honors, 1984, entered graduate program at University of Michigan, now deceased
  • David Hawkins, BA 1983, PhD, MIT; Associate Professor and Chair, Department of Geoscience, Denison University, Professor and Chair, Department of Geology, Wellesley College.

Postdocs, Collaborators