League of Nations Rescue Home in Aleppo

The archives of the League of Nations in Geneva, Switzerland, hold a series of protocols, each with 100 handwritten admission forms in English to the League of Nations/Danish Friends of Armenians reception house in Aleppo, Syria, for Armenian genocide survivors released from Muslim households from 1922 to 1930. The close to 1900 forms, collected by Danish League Commissioner Karen Jeppe and her staff, in this highly important collection document every aspect of the Young Turk annihilation and assimilation process that began in 1915.Now, for the first time, 99 years after the beginning of the Armenian genocide, the complete list of survivor testimonies is gradually being made available online here at Armenocide, a comprehensive resource for genocide scholars, historians of the Middle East and World War I, genealogists, and generally interested laymen alike. These testimonies, compiled, annotated, indexed, and introduced by Dicle Akar Bilgin, Taner Akcam and Matthias Bjørnlund, add to the already extensive list of German, Ottoman, British, and Danish documents on Armenocide.