A multimedia news magazine and on-line community covering the stories and people of the global clothing industry; supported by the garment workers’ union – UNITE/HERE.
An organization that works to inform and mobilize grassroots activists in solidarity with major, international anti-sweatshop struggles.
Improving working conditions in the global garment industry. The Dutch leaders of the European antisweatshop campaigns.
A non-profit corporation that develops, produces, and distributes social-justice oriented programming and content to the educational marketplace.
A national coalition of labor, faith-based, community, and student organizations working together to improve working people’s standard of living.
The International Textile, Garment and Leather Workers Federation is an International Trade Secretariat bringing together 217 affiliated organizations in 110 countries, with a combined membership of over 10 million workers.
Promotes solidarity with groups in Mexico, Central America, and Asia organizing in maquiladora factories and export processing zones. Good source of research.
National labor committee for worker and human rights
A coalition of labor, community, civil rights, immigrant rights, women’s, religious and student organizations, and individuals committed to eliminating sweatshop conditions in the global garment industry.
The U.S. garment workers union, now merged with hotel and restaurant workers and focused on laundry and uniforms.
The US student organization that works to insure that campus logo clothing is sweat free.
Watch dog agency created by student movement.