Black and white photo of Charles Darwin leaning against a column, wearing a hat. Natural Theologists were a group of scientist/christians who believed that the best way to know God was to study nature. If only I believed in God, I would be the last of the natural theologists. Alas, I do not. I am an avid Darwinian. Darwin shared many ideas with the Natural Theologists, most importantly the belief that nature was designed. Most of Darwin’s life was spent gathering information about the origin and quality of its designs. Darwin’s interest in natural design contrasts sharply with modern evolutionary biologists’ who have mostly dedicated their energies to explaining natural design through natural selection. The essays and research on this website are dedicated to a different project: –trying to understand what it is about nature that led both Darwin and Paley to seek explanations. Just what is it that natural selection will have explained when the explanations have been agreed to and all the arguments have quieted down?This site is in the early stages of development, and I will be adding links to papers and other materials as I get the time. To read the papers, please click on Published Work in the menu.