Justice and Cities: Metro Morals

After years in the making, my book on moral theory and cities is out. The basic idea of the book is that different theories of justice have varying geographical perspectives embedded within them. What this means, in short, is that different moral outlooks see “the city” in different ways. The liberal and conservative will, for example, tend to have incongrious views on the city; subjective differences make the object of analysis appear differently.

Here is a pdf of the first chapter. This will forever be an inferior version. Upon finalizing my final edits of the book, I sent the manuscript to the cloud for safekeeping. Unfortunately, it never made it there.  I had, days before, commented to how happy I was with my re-written introduction. Perhaps the best writing I’d ever managed. After days of installing data recovery tools, it slowly dawned that this was lost forever. The final manuscript was pieced together from earlier drafts, other bits had to be completely rewritten. So, I’m relieved to have it in print.


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