Progress in Human Geography paper


A new paper out, co-written with Kurt Iveson, entitled “Recovering the politics of the cityFrom the ‘post-political city’ to a ‘method of equality’ for critical urban geography” out in Progress in Human Geography

The paper actually preceded our other recently published paper in Space and Polity

This paper uses Jacque Rancière understanding of politics to ask what makes cities political entities. We review existing urban geography debates to identify some of the defining features of urban politics and then subject them to critical questioning: are they actually political? The paper seeks to develop existing interpretations of Rancière’s philosophy within geography to develop his ‘method of equality’ in order to recover the politics of the city. This identifies three necessary components of critical urban scholarship in order that it transcends critique and works towards making democratic politics possible.

If you do not have access to the journal, please email me for a copy

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