Evaluation Research



The results displayed in the table below stem from two surveys conducted in the Fall ’05 by Larissa Christensen, Jaime Hickey, Samantha Trickey & Michael Bamberg. We surveyed Clark faculty and Clark undergraduate students (sophomores-seniors) on their attitudes toward the course evaluation system that was in place at the time. The questions were phrased so we were able to compare faculty’s and students’ opinions on the same issues. In addition to these survey questions (using a Likert Scale from 1-5) we asked both students and faculty to comment on the following three questions:

  • What can be done to      make Clark’s teaching evaluation better/more effective?
  • Please comment on      potential problems and/or benefits of online evaluations
  • Please comment on      potential problems and/or benefits of making evaluations available to      Clark students and faculty

Link to short summaries of four Poster Presentations at APA and APS

that resulted from this research in 2006 and 2007

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