About the Lab

The Drewell laboratory is in the Biology Department at Clark University in Worcester, Massachusetts. We are located in Room 325 in the Lasry Center for Bioscience on the Clark campus. Our lab applies experimental molecular genomic, mathematical and computational approaches to investigate the regulation of gene expression during embryonic development. Much of our work is focused on using insect model species, including the fruit fly and honey bee. This website contains descriptions of our research projects, links to our publications and an introduction to the lab members.

Recent News

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Prof. Drewell and Dresch spending Fall 2017 as the inaugural Sabbatical Professors at the BioFrontiers Institute at the University of Colorado, Boulder: BFI Sabbatical Professors

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Contact info

Robert Drewell

Professor and Chair of Biology
Director, Mathematical Biology and Bioinformatics Concentration

Biology Department
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Program
Clark University
Worcester, MA 01610-1477

Email: rdrewell@clarku.edu
Phone: (508)793-7625

Recent Publications

Analyzing the stability of gene expression using a simple reaction-diffusion model in an an early Drosophila embryo.

G. D. McCarthy, R. A. Drewell and J. M. Dresch. 2019. Mathematical Biosciences 316: 108239.

Rapid and efficient purification of Drosophila homeodomain transcription factors for biophysical characterization.

R. Orlomoski, A. Bogle, J. Loss, R. Simons, J. M. Dresch, R. A. Drewell and D. E. Spratt. 2019. Protein Expression and Purification 158: 9-14.