Noel D. Lazo, Ph.D.
Noel obtained his Ph.D in chemistry from Texas A&M, specializing in solid-state NMR under the supervision of James Haw. He then pursued his interests in biological solid state NMR in the laboratory of Timothy Cross. After appointments in the College of Medicine of the University of Iowa, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, and the Department of Neurology of UCLA, he joined Clark in 2006.

– B.S., University of the Philippines
– M.S., SUNY at Syracuse
– Ph.D. , Texas A&M University


PhD Students:

Valerie IvancicVI

Valerie joined the lab in 2013. She obtained her BS in Chemistry from Bridgewater State University.


Qiuchen (Amy) ZhengIMG_3311

Amy joined the lab in 2013. She obtained her BS in Chemistry from East China University of Science and Technology.

MS Students:

Rickey Phou
Rhady Sorm 


Astha Bilimoria (Class of 2016)
Hung Pham (Class of 2016)
Tu Do (Class of 2016)


Postdoctoral Fellow
Dr. Prabhakar Anabathula — NMR Applications Scientist, Bruker

Graduate Students
Travis Stutzer (MS, 2015)
Lina Kroehling (MS, 2015)
Kathryn MacDowell (MS, 2013) — Chemistry teacher, Marlborough MA
Dr. Kevin J. Robbins (PhD, 2013) — Research Investigator, Bristol-Myers Squibb
Veli Selmani (MS, 2013) — Technician, Siemens Healthcare
Dr. Grace Liu (PhD, 2012) — Postdoctoral Fellow, Washington University
Samuel Sparks (MS, 2011) — PhD candidate, Albert Einstein College of Medicine

Undergraduate Students
Brianna Anthony— MD student, Rocky Vista University
Darryl Aucoin — Postdoctoral Fellow, Ohio State University
Kalin Bilides — ER technician, Hospital of Saint Raphaels
Saima Chaudhry — MD student, Chicago Medical School
Di Deng — MD student, Dartmouth College
Kimberly Edwards
Michael Edwards
Oshini Ekanayake — PhD student, University of Delaware
Jennifer Gaines — PhD student, Yale University
Erin Gomes — Research assistant, Cardinal Health
Hakeem Hindi — MD student, Uniformed Services University
Lindsay Johnson
Sang A. Kim — PhD candidate, Penn State University
Stacey Lawrence
Kristine Meador
Daniel Moynihan — DDS student, Boston University
Lincoln Muhoro — MD/PhD student, Washington University
Kristen Murrone
Gregory O’Sullivan — Technician, Balchem Corp.
Salvatore Pezzella — DDS student, University of Connecticut
Johanna Reyes — Technician, ChemGenes Corp.
Nicole Rogers — Pharmacy student, Massachusetts College of Pharmacy
Veli Selmani — Technician, Siemens Healthcare
Andrew Sheen — DO student, Nova Southeastern University
Miranda Simon — MD Resident, Johns Hopkins Children’s Center
Samuel Sparks — PhD candidate, Albert Einstein College of Medicine
Emily Tutino