A book on Collaborative Governance for Social Innovation

Aoyama, Yuko, with Balaji Parthasarathy. The Rise of the Hybrid Domain: Collaborative Governance for Social Innovation
Edward Elgar, December, 2016.

The book conceptualizes the hybrid domain, an emerging institutional forms for producing social innovation. Social innovation lies at the intersection of changing state-market relations, institutional design, and technological innovation. India serves as a useful case to better understand how locally designed solutions for local problems can be devised with global technologies for scalable production. The empowerment of low-income populations in the Global South as contributors of knowledge for social innovation promises impacts that earlier attempts could not deliver.

The objective of the book is to explore new possibilities for the innovation, production and delivery of solutions for some of the most pressing social challenges of the 21st century. Our goal is to engage with the question of collective capacity building for a broad and multi-disciplinary audience, from those in innovation, science and technology policy, entrepreneurship, governance, and development.

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