Year: 2010

World Development Report, 2009’ World Bank

Aoyama, Yuko and Rory Horner, 2010.  “’World Development Report, 2009’ World Bank.”  Book Review.  Journal of Regional Science 50 No. 5 (December): 1001-04.

Aoyama, Y., J.T. Murphy, and S. Hanson (2010). Key Concepts in Economic Geography. Sage Publications.

From the Back Cover: “This book provides a comprehensive and highly readable review of the conceptual underpinnings of economic geography.  Students and professional scholars alike will find it extremely useful both as a reference manual and as an authoritative guide

Manuel Castells

Aoyama, Yuko.  2010.  “Manuel Castells”.  Warf, B. (ed.), Encyclopedia of Geography.  Sage Publications.

Rory Horner goes to the SIEG!

Rory Horner was selected as a participant for the Summer Institute of Economic Geography, July 2010.

Dan Haberly awarded a NSF-DDRI grant

Daniel Haberly (Yuko Aoyama, PI) has been awarded a NSF-DDRI grant of $11,478 for his Doctoral Dissertation research, entitled “Sovereign Wealth Funds, Dependent Development, and the New Alliance Capitalism.” June, 2010.