The Perpetuation of Violence against Women in Hip Hop

Hip Hop has been very prevalent in popular culture in terms of speaking out against racial inequality. Unfortunately, with this comes an even stronger gender inequality against women of color through crude lyrics, assault charges, and hyper-sexualized behavior. So where does the police brutality come into play? According to, this inequality has led to the overall normalization of the mistreatment of women by both artists and the police — and it has been going on far before this generation (Complex). Why? The answer is not extremely defined but one must look at the silence impeding this normalization from being eradicated and as ResistMedia writes is “killing our girls”. So how do we stop it? The first is to continue the conversation as does Chance the Rapper saying, “I understand how black women are represented in rap music… my girl and I are very conscious of [this].”  We must neutralize this as desensitize, using the basis of rap culture  as a scapegoat, and take responsibility to reverse this victimization in women through activism practice and acknowledgement of the issue through positive media portrayal. As Hip Hop serves as one of the leading communication platforms, artists must promote togetherness as we have seen in Kendrick Lamar’s latest album, DAMN. (begin reading after fifth picture in blog) through an introduction of loving music. His acknowledgement of the title in song LUST as the leading theme within rap, he follows up this notion with his song LOVE to suggest the idea of rappers following course of “one love” to remove this stereotype, which in turn, sparks the removal of misogyny and female abuse within rap culture. This will destroy the victimization of women from artists through collaboration and wholesomeness. We must do it together. We must speak OUT.