Multimedia and Womanism

Multimedia and Womanism

Core values of womanism include the importance of self-care, that when you start with keeping yourself healthy and in a positive state of mind, you then output positive energy into the world and can make change through everyday social interactions; in addition, womanism also speaks of the importance that lived experiences need to be discussed in order to understand the oppressions that groups face. Multimedia including music, poetry, and artwork provide the necessary outlets for anger at the injustice that minority women face in the context of access to health care (be it mental or reproductive), act as a source of empowerment, and give understanding of the inequalities people face through the spoken lived experiences of the artists, and the struggles they and the groups they belong to face. In addition, documentaries also provide information about local and international reproductive injustices women face, and how the inequalities are being combated. Documentaries, music, poetry, and artwork all act as resources for those who want to learn about the reproductive justice movement, how multiple identities can hinder access to necessary care, act as a source for self-care, and serve to empower women everywhere.