The Broken Narrative of Black Women in Media

The Broken Narrative of Black Women in Media

American media has helped to create a very narrow perception of black women, and they are forced to squeeze into one of the few “personalities” that have been constructed for them. These sources outline some of the most prominent stereotypes of black women that are presented in the media include the mammy, the matriarch, the jezebel, the sapphire, the welfare queen, and the angry black woman. They also discuss how these “identities” perpetuate racist stereotypes of black women as bad mothers, lazy and unwilling to work, hypersexual but undesirable, loud, and angry. These distorted images have great influence on the ways society perceives and interacts with black women. As a result, black women must attempt to stand upright in a “crooked room” as they navigate through these negative portrayals of them, a seemingly impossible task.

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