February 27, 2012

Design Service

Need help creating a professional web presence that represents your research and scholarship but is also easy to maintain? Consider the Academic Technology Design Service.

When you take advantage of this service, you’ll partner with an Academic Technology staff member to develop a website and/or blog that showcases you and your work in much more depth, and with much more flexibility than the official biography page linked in the university catalog or on departmental webpages.

Example sites currently hosted on the Personal Publishing Platform at Clark:

As you can see, these sites are not a replacement for the official bio page or for course websites in Moodle, but a way for a faculty member to paint a colorful and rich story about their work.

How does the development partnership work?

We know that creating and maintaining an attractive and lively website can be both challenging and time consuming. We want to make that as easy as possible, so we have divided the labor—you provide content and we do all the technical work to make it look great on the web.

How does the service work?  How do I get started?

To get started, you simply need to let us know you are interested by clicking here.  We will set up a time to meet face to face for about an hour.  Our aim in that meeting is to learn more about what kind of site you want. We’ll send you a few questions in advance.  They will include things like:

  • If you have a personal website already, or had one, what about it was/wasn’t working for you? Was there anything that it didn’t do that you wanted it to? How could it have been better?
  • If you don’t currently have a website, what would you like your website to accomplish for you?
  • Who do you think is going to be your main audience for this site? What are you trying to show them about your or your work?
  • Are there sites on the Web that you especially like or are drawn to? Is there a site that you especially want to emulate the look of?
  • Are there any colors that you are particularly drawn too? If you need some inspiration, go visit this great site http://design-seeds.com.
  • What kinds of content would you like to accommodate (text, video, lots of images, etc.)
  • Do you have photos you want posted? If so, are they already in digital format? Do you have a published works you want posted? Are they in PDF format?
  • Do you want to blog (post new things regularly to your site) or will it be mostly static content?
  • Are there any unique needs your site will have?

From there, you will provide us with content that we will turn into your well-styled, easy-to-maintain site.  We will be happy to do a couple draft versions if needed to make sure you are getting something that you can be proud to call yours.

What if I need more support?

Remember, our goal is to create a site and environment that you can maintain and update as needed.  ATS will help you maintain your site for up to 12 months after we’ve completed the design.  In that time, you’ll learn the basics of WordPress site maintenance so you can be self-sufficient with basic updates.  Beyond 12 months, redesigns, additions or major site editing can be done by Academic Technology staff for a fee.

Why do we use WordPress?

WordPress can be used for both traditional “static” websites as well as blogs, so should you want your site to be more interactive or to integrate it with social media platforms such as Facebook or Twitter, those things are possible, and easy.

In the event that you leave Clark, creating a site in WordPress will also allow for your content to be transportable.  Sites can be backed up, exported and imported to another WordPress platform with ease.

How much does it cost?

Fees can be paid by interdepartmental requisition, personal check or cash.

Level 1 – Flip the Switch

If you just want a personal publishing space and are excited to do all the work yourself, great news!

This service is free!

Level 2 – Site Refresh

If you already have a site, and just want it moved over and updated to look and feel a little more contemporary, this is the services for you. We’ll import your site into our platform, use one of our flexible templates to personalize it for you and you’ll have a new site up in short order.

This service is $150.

Level 3 – Site Development

If you don’t already have a site or have one that needs significant reworking, this might be for you.  It includes customizing a site to your needs with colors, images (you supply but we will crop and edit), pages and links.  This can be done with content from an existing site, or with all new content.

This service is $250.

Level 4 – The Works

If your site has unique needs or requires oodles of custom development (most won’t, but we know everyone’s needs are unique) we will accommodate your needs.

This service doesn’t have a set price, but will be quoted for each site. This level of development starts at $350.


Ready to get started? Click here to start a conversation about our design services.