2012 AAG paper

Bankruptcy, Bonds and the alleged legacy of the Zodiac Killer: The implications of Vallejo’s fiscal hypochondria Since the 1970s cities have been significantly impacted by a growing reliance on debt financing and resultant interactions with capital markets. Cities must now issue municipal bonds in order to implement public works, fund development projects or bridge funding Read more about 2012 AAG paper[…]

2012 AAG

David Madden (NYU) and I have three sessions running at this year’s AAGs New Geographies of Publics, Spaces and Politics The connections between publics, spaces and politics are complex and contradictory perhaps as never before. The twenty-first century has been marked by contentious public political action. Events in Tbilisi, Kiev, Tehran, Paris, Tunis, Cairo, Manama, Read more about 2012 AAG[…]