Ms. White-Mink and her lovely ladies (a combination of Period 1 and 7 students).

Welcome to Chiara Mahogany White-Mink’s E-Folio! 


Welcome to my e-folio! This e-folio documents a year filled with multitudinous challenges, rich learning experiences, and intensely humanizing relations. I have laughed profusely, listened intently, questioned infinitely, reflected collaboratively, planned purposely, and experienced love to unexpected extents. I am deeply appreciative to every single person who contributed a fraction of their time, energy, and wisdom to my growth and development as a critical practitioner. *

This e-folio also attempts to exemplify the conscious coupling of theorizing and practicality. This involves explicitly communicating the principles that govern my practice and how these highly abstract principles are manifested in the context of a classroom. 

Though I will attempt to share how meaningful this experience was for me, it feels genuinely inexplicable. Thus, I invite you to peruse this e-folio with a spirit of exploration, inquisition, and intellectual playfulness. 

This e-folio is a cumulative artifact of my year-long teaching experience. 


*Critical practitioners:

  • acknowledge schools as a microcosm of our society; schools fundamentally reflect social inequities
  • exhibit love and compassion for all students
  • reflect frequently and collaboratively 
  • honor and center the humanity of their students
  • understand students as multidimensional beings
  • protect students
  • trust students to negotiate and govern learning spaces

Students collectively wrote an acrostic poem to describe Ms. White-Mink (featuring Ms. White-Mink). This poem reflects students’ initial and current perceptions