In this last blog post, I wanted to discuss education because we haven’t touched on the subject in our class and I feel that it is an important topic. Education, in the context of South Sudan is an interesting topic to look at because, for a country that […]

Education as a Source of Upward Mobility

Rooney Mara, a world-renowned actress, some of you may remember as the lead actress in Girl with The Dragon Tattoo, is also a global ambassador for Oxfam.  Mara has made three trips to South Sudan, and this is just a glimpse into her experiences in the region:  “When most people […]

Peace Building and Conflict Resolution

In an interview with RT online newspaper, South Sudanese blogger Keith Snow, is asked whether or not the country is headed towards another civil war and why.  He replies saying that “the country is already amidst a brutal civil war”. Snow is then asked what presence the US and UK […]

Land Grabbing in South Sudan

There is a belief that foreign investment in Africa will be a catalyst for better jobs and food security in the continent. This same belief is found in South Sudan. The root of land grabbing is an aim for resource control. The issue of land grabbing in South Sudan has […]

Ramifications of Land Grab in South Sudan

Should advocacy be generated on a local level to ensure sustainability, community engagement, and efficacy?  Many scholars and policy makers have been debating this idea of grass roots activism compared to universal advocacy for the last decade. Mihr and Schmits argue: “Social and economic rights remain weakly institutionalized while scholars […]

Advocacy within the South Sudanese Diaspora Community

In this week’s blog post, our focus of discussion is shifted to researching the role of international activism in our particular country of interest. In South Sudan, nothing was as meaningful as the international activism of South Sudanese diaspora and their vote for referendum that has lead to the creation of […]

Fabricating a Bilateral International Activism: South Sudan + Diaspora

Slavery has a long and deeply rooted history in the Horn of Africa, particularly in the Sudan region.  Enslavement was widespread during the Trans- Saharan slave trade; where people throughout the Horn were captured and brought to North Africa to work.  Instances of slavery have also been reported in both […]

Slave Trade and Ethnic Divisions

How Do you define Human Trafficking? According to the United Nations, human trafficking is” the acquisition of people by improper means such as force, fraud or deception, with the aim of exploiting them” (Multimedia, 2012). In the case of South Sudan, human trafficking mostly target  women and girls who are […]

The Gender-based Trans-border Movement of Human Trafficking

Background The civil war in Sudan has been an extensive one that has resulted in over 2 million deaths, 5 million internal displacements and half a million displaced internationally (Deng, 2001). The root of this conflict, which lasted from 1955 to 2006 had roots in Islamic and Arab religious dominance […]

Transition of Religious Marginalization from Sudan to South Sudan

This week we unpack a vast and incredibly interesting topic of global Islam and it’s presence in the Horn of Africa. More specifically I look at the relationship between Christianity and Islam and how their interconnectedness has lead to years of conflict between Sudan and the South. South Sudan is […]

Islamic and Christian Tensions: The Underlying Root of Conflict