Technology’s Role in Improving Maternal Mortality

Of the many factors affecting the overall health of the mother and her baby during pregnancy what seems to be the most important is socioeconomic status. As seen in many parts of the world women in poverty have significantly less access to resources and potentially life saving treatments.Not to mention, medical care often lacks resources and ‘up-to-date’ technology. Continue reading “Technology’s Role in Improving Maternal Mortality”

MDG5 and Its Role in Global Maternal Health

Around the globe, 4.3 babies are born every second . And so far in 2016, 123,120,000 have been born. However a few of those babies will grow up without a mother. Just this year alone, 294,500 and counting, women have died in childbirth. Continue reading “MDG5 and Its Role in Global Maternal Health”

Maternal Health and the Urban Poor of Sub-Saharan Africa

“One woman dies per minute in childbirth around the globe. Almost half of these deaths occur in Sub- Saharan Africa” (Maternal Health: Investing in the Lifeline of Healthy Societies & Economies). Many poor women across the world, living in the cities of developing countries suffer from inadequate maternal health care services. Continue reading “Maternal Health and the Urban Poor of Sub-Saharan Africa”