Women’s Health as Community Health

by Carly Dillis

The health of women is not only vital to women themselves, but also to all other members of society. Women’s health is integral to overall health in families, communities, and society as a whole. In many societies, gender roles are constructed in a way that ensures women to do all household chores. This includes cleaning, cooking, and child raising. Healthy women are the foundation for healthy families, and healthy families are a foundation for a stable community. Women’s health affects the family because it can cause disease to spread and cause the relapse of family structure, putting children and all family members at risk. Continue reading “Women’s Health as Community Health”

Women’s Health and Education

by Carly Dillis

The health of women worldwide has further implications beyond physical well-being. Health is a profound predictor of overall quality of life and has capabilities to infringe upon the accessibility of other human needs. Without basic health, women cannot be equal as they are consistently tied down by their lack of physical well-being. Women, as all people, have a right to their health. Women deserve to have their health be a priority in global development. Not only because health is beneficial for its own sake, but because of its intersection with others areas of development. Basic health for women must be achieved before other development goals can be truly successful.

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