Current and former students:

Betsy Anthony.6.11Elizabeth Anthony Ph.D.
“Return Home: Holocaust Survivors Reestablishing Lives in Postwar Vienna.” Graduated, 2016.
Current Position: International Tracing Service and Partnership Program Manager; Jack Joseph and Morton Mandel Center for Advanced Holocaust Studies, U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum, Washington DC.

 Sara Brown Ph.D.
“Gender and Agency: Women Rescuers and Perpetrators during the Rwanda Genocide.” Graduated, 2016.
Current Position: Postdoctoral Fellow – Research Associate, USC Shoah Foundation – the Institute for Visual History and Education, San Diego, CA.

SONY DSCBeth Cohen, Ph.D.
“Case Closed: Holocaust Survivors in Postwar America, 1946-1954.” Graduated, 2003.
Current Position: Lecturer, History and Jewish Studies, California State University, Northridge; Research Associate, The Berenbaum Group.

Sarah CushmanSarah Cushman, Ph.D
“The Women of Birkenau.” Graduated, 2010.
Current Position: Director, Holocaust Educational Foundation, Northwestern University, Evanston IL.

Emily Bio Pic Emily Dabney (ABD)

“Forced Labor in the Maghreb, 1940-1943.”
Current Position: Senior Assistant to the COO/Associate VP of Development and Alumni Relations, Emory University, Atlanta, GA.


Tibi.2010Tiberiu Galis, Ph.D.
“Transitional Justice and Transition to a New Regime: Making Sense of Uncertain Times.” Graduated, 2015.
Current Position: Executive Director, Auschwitz Institute for Peace and Reconciliation, New York and Poland.

adaragoldbergpicAdara Goldberg, Ph.D.
“We Were Called Greenies: Holocaust Survivors in Postwar Canada.” Graduated, 2012.
Current Position: Postdoctoral Fellow in Holocaust and Genocide Studies, Stockton University.

Simon-Goldberg  Simon Goldberg (G3)

“The Making of Knowledge: Jewish Record-Keepers in Kaunas, 1915-1945”

KathrinKathrin Haurand (ABD)
“Jewish Refugees in Teheran during World War II.” 
Current Position: Ernst Ludwig Ehrlich Fellow, 2017-2019.

naama-haviv-sized-2Naama Haviv, MA. (ABD)
Current Position: Director of Development and Community Relations, MAZON: A Jewish Response to Hunger.

Herr_photoAlexis Herr, Ph.D.
“Fossoli di Carpi: The History and Memory of the Holocaust in Italy.”  Graduated, 2014.
Current Position: Associate Director, Holocaust Center of Northern California.

Stefan IonescuStefan Ionescu, Ph.D.
“Romanization: Greed, Opportunism, Corruption, and Resistance in World War II Bucharest.” Graduated, 2013.
Current Position: Senior Lecturer in Holocaust and Genocide Studies, Uppsala University.

JeffJeffrey Koerber Ph.D.
“Born in the Borderlands: Jewish Youth and Their Response to Oppression and Genocide, 1933–1948.” Graduated, 2015.
Current Position: Assistant Professor of Holocaust History, Chapman University.

Lazar_picNatalya Lazar (ABD)
“Czernowitz Jews and the Holocaust.”
Current Position: Program Director, Initiative on Ukrainian-Jewish Shared History and the Holocaust in Ukraine, USHMM.

Lilach (3)Beth Lilach (ABD)
Aftermath of Liberation: Jewish Life in Displaced Persons Camps, Germany 1945-1957.
Current Position: Senior Director of Education and Community Affairs, Holocaust Memorial and Tolerance Center, Glen Cove, New York.

 Abigail Miller (G5, ABD)
“The Transmission of Holocaust Memory in Argentina: From the Refugee Survivors to the Generation of the Disappeared.”
Current Position: Director of Education, Holocaust Museum and Center for Tolerance and Education, Suffern, New York.

Khatchig MouradianKhatchig Mouradian Ph.D.
“Genocide and Humanitarian Resistance in Ottoman Syria, 1915-1917.” Graduated, 2016.
Current Position: Nikit and Eleanora Ordjanian Visiting Professor, Columbia University; Coordinator of the Place and Memory Project, Center for the Study of Genocide and Human Rights, Rutgers University; and Adjunct Professor, Worcester State University.

Nolte_pictureMichael Nolte (ABD)
“Hadamar, 1933-1945.”
Current Position: E-learning Training Coordinator, Sodexo.

ilanaIlana Offenberger, Ph.D.
“The Jews of Nazi Vienna, 1938-1945.” Graduated, 2010.
Current Position: Lecturer, History Department, University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth.

Podbielska, Alicja Alicja Podbielska, (G5, ABD)
“Memory of the Holocaust Rescuers in Poland.”

DSC_0012 (2)Christine Schmidt, Ph.D.
“The Plateau of Hospitality: Jewish Refugee Life on the Plateau Vivarais-Lignon.” Graduated, 2003.
Current Position: Deputy Director and Head of Research, The Wiener Library for the Study of the Holocaust and Genocide, London.

 Raz Segal Ph.D.
“The Disintegration of a Borderland Society: Genocide and Mass Violence in Subcarpathain Rus.'” Graduated, 2013.
Current Position: Assistant Professor of Holocaust and Genocide Studies, Sara and Sam Schoffer Professor of Holocaust Studies, Stockton University.

SONY DSCJoanna Sliwa, Ph.D.
“Concealed Presence: Jewish Children in Nazi-Occupied Kraków.” Graduated, 2016.
Current Position: Historian, The Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany (Claims Conference).

SONY DSCLotta Stone, Ph.D.
“Seeking Asylum: Jewish Refugees to South Africa 1930-1948.” Graduated, 2010.
Current Position: Historian and Research Associate, The Middleton Place Foundation.