Lab People

Todd Livdahl, Professor
Jamie Fitzgerald, PhD Student
John Soghigian, PhD Student
Julie Erthal, MA Student
Kathryn Gibbs, MA Student
Linda Valsdottir, BA/MA Honors Student
Matthew Warndorf, BA/MA Student
Morgan Atkinson, BA Student
Erin Ross, BA Student

Deborah Robertson, Associate Professor of Biology, Clark University
David Kendell, Chief Environmental Health Officer, Bermuda Ministry of Health
John Dennehy, Assistant Professor, CCNY Queens College
Christopher Vitek, Assistant Professor, University of Texas- Pan American

Previous Graduate Students, and subsequent positions

  • Camilo Khatchikian, PhD 2010, Research Associate at the University of Pennsylvania
  • Sara Koehring, MA 2009, Law and Public Health programs, University of Minnesota
  • Matthew Chmielewski, MA 2008, Ph.D. student at Portland State University
  • Laran Kaplan, MA 2006, Ph.D. student at Rutgers University
  • Kristina Richio, MA 2006, now research technician in the Boston area
  • Paula Hartzell, PhD 2005, Research Associate, Tulane University, now working for the National Park Service in Hawaii
  • Henry Nagle, MA 2004, medical student, Albany Medical School*
  • Christopher Vitek, PhD 2004, Research associate, Univ. of Florida, now Assistant Professor, University of Texas Pan American
  • John Dennehy, PhD 2003, Research associate, Yale, now Assistant Professor, Queens College
  • Michelle Willey, PhD 1993, owns and operates a private-sector business
  • Russell Bellmer, PhD 1992, recently retired from the National Marine Fisheries Service, now consulting in California
  • Robert Koenekoop, PhD 1985, MD, McGill University; Professor and Head of Ophthalmology Department, Montreal Children’s Hospital and McGill University Health Centre
  • Mark Berman, PhD student, 1990-96, owns and operates Bugman Entoprises, an insect education venture


Previous Undergraduates
Undergraduates significantly involved in research projects

  • Ann Meyer, BA 2009, MAT program
  • Sara Koehring, BA 2008, MA, 2009, Law and Public Health programs, University of Minnesota
  • Hillary Gaddis, BA 2008
  • Jamie Cogliano, BA 2007, research technician in Boston
  • Mallory Anderson, BA 2006
  • Walter Green, BA 2001, living in Worcester
  • Nate Clements, BA 1998, Honors, research technician in Boston area
  • Peter Morgan, BA Honors, 1996, whereabouts unknown
  • Heather Erb, BA Honors, 1996, living in Colorado
  • Cindy Sacramone, BA Honors, 1996, living in Florida
  • Malcolm McFarland, BA Honors, 1996, became research technician, University of Rhode Island
  • Stephen Gaimari, BA 1990, MS, Washington State, PhD, Illinois; now entomologist and Program Supervisor, Plant Pest Diagnostics, California Department of Food & Agriculture
  • Sarah Zapolsky, BA 1988, MA, Florida State; Senior Research Advisor, AARP
  • Gary Perlman, BA Honors, 1986, entered graduate program at Yale University
  • Stephen Futterweit, BA 1985, now practicing as a Physician’s Assistant in New York
  • Michael Rosenzweig, BA Honors, 1985, MS, PhD, Virginia Tech; now teaching and directingoutreach in Biology at Virginia Tech; founder of SEEDS
  • David Rubin, BA Honors, 1984, PhD, Penn State; now Assistant Professor, Illinois State University
  • Ray Vaskas, BA Honors, 1984, entered graduate program at University of Michigan, now deceased
  • David Hawkins, BA 1983, PhD, MIT; now Associate Professor and Chair, Department of Geoscience, Denison University


Postdocs, Collaborators

  • Phil Robakiewicz, Adjunct Professor, now Director of Test Development, Massachusetts Dept. of Education
  • Janice Edgerly-Rooks, Postdoctoral Associate 1986-8, now Professor, Santa Clara University
  • Michael Firko, Postdoctoral Associate, 1986-7, now Scientist, USDA
  • Deborah Robertson, Associate Professor of Biology, Clark University
  • David Kendell, Bermuda Department of Health