Thanks for dropping in. Check recent activities at AuntieQuarian blog (recent posts below) or read about the Clark University LibriVox project where my students and I record public-domain poetry at LibriVox.org. You can also explore Sermon Notebooks Online, a resource for the study of Puritan sermon literature through examination of the notes ordinary lay people took while listening to sermons. I invite you explore and to contact me with questions and suggestions.

Some recent blog posts…

Care Verging on Paranoia

When I tell people that I bring students into the archive for hands-on work with centuries-old books, they frequently inquire how young adults respond. I tell them simply that students love the entire experience. The ubiquity of inexpensive modern editions … Continue reading

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From the Classroom to the Recording Studio

In fall of 2012, I experimented with my standard American poetry class, adding a component in which students would learn to do formal analysis of poetry primarily though performing poetry out loud. For about half of the semester we recited … Continue reading

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Come to our Rare Book Open House 2013!

Last year the Introduction to Archival Research Seminar made quite a hit with our first ever Rare Books Open House, where students each presented material from the Jonas Clark collection in the Goddard Library Special Collections. You can read more … Continue reading

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