Future Plans

Past Presentations & Future Plans


Plans for 2013

  • January 17/18          Freiburg D – Erinnern + Bewaeltigen im Wiedererzaehlen
  • Starting February     Yunshan Professorship @ GDUFS, Guangzhou, PRoC
  • March 18-22             Bremen D – Work, Identity and Globalisation
  • April 15                       Basel CH – Narrative Matters in Literature, Linguistics, and Medical Humanities
  • April 27-May 01        San Francisco – AERA: Exploring Teacher Identities and Ideologies of Language and Literacy Across Time and Space
  • July/August               Research stay @ Tokyo University (Dept. of Education)
  • September                   IPrA, New Delhi – Keynote


  • January 7                       Psychology Lectures at North Star Academy High School, Newark, NJ
  • January 12-14               FRIAS, Freiburg, Germany, Conference Title: Narrative & Trauma
  • February 18-22             UT Austin (afternoon workshop + talk)
  • March 6                           Graduate Center, CUNY (Brownbag Lunch Colloquium)
  • March 8-10                    SRA, Vancouver (two presentations)
  • March 26-31                  MA Program Economic Psychology, University of Bremen, Work, Identity and Globalisation
  • May 2-15                         FRIAS, Freiburg, Germany Narrative & Trauma
  • May 16-19                        Urbana-Champaign, IL Qualitative Inquiry (Approaches to Narrative)
  • May 31-June 2              FLACSO, Buenos Aires, Argentina (3-day workshop)
  • June 7-18                       Tokyo + Kobe, Japan (several smaller workshops)
  • November 30                Georgetown U., Applied Linguistics, Kolloquium



  • September 02-04    Narrative & Psychotherapy, Zürich, Switzerland
  • August 04-07        APA-Convention, Washington, DC (Panel on Quality in Qualitative Inquiry)
  • July 19-22        Keynote: Int Congress of Personal Construct Psychology, Boston, MA
  • July 03-08        IPrA, Manchester, UK
  • June 02-05        Jean Piaget Society Meeting, Berkeley CA (Panel + Presentation on Narrative Practices)
  • March 26-April    Teaching Workshop, University of Bremen, Germany <Bremen.ppt> (1-week workshop)



  • December 01-02, 2010     Inv. Teaching Workshop at Universität      Zürich, Switzerland, (Doktoranden-Kolloquium + Universitäts Lecture)
  • October 11-15)        Inv. Teaching Workshop at TromsØ University, Norway      (Narrative & Responsibility)
  • September, 29, 2010        English Department Colloquium,      Clark University (Confession-Apologies: Regaining Reputation)
  • August, 04-06, 2010        Sektionsleitung on “Positionierung      & Argumentation im Erzahlen”, Internationale Vereinigung der Germanisten, Warsaw,      Poland (Positionierung eines ‘reinen’ Selbst: John Edwards und seine      Biographie)
  • July 19, 2010            Workshop at International      Pragmatics Conference, Kobe University, Japan (Introduction to Narrative      Analysis)
  • July 11, 2010            Workshop at Ritsumeikan      University (Microgenetic Methodology + Analysis)
  • July 08, 2010            Lecture @ Guangdong      University, China (Narrative, Confession + Identity)
  • June 27, 2010            Lecture at International      Symposium on Narrative Research + Qualitative Methods, Tokyo University      (Selves and Identity in the Making) (+ Roundtable Discussant)
  • June 14, 2010            Doktorandenkolloquium      (Narrative Workshop), Universität Freiburg
  • June 10-11, 2010        International Conference at      Frankfurt Goethe Universität on Memory & Narrative (Positioning      Situated Identities)
  • June 07, 2010            Lecture@ Bangkok University,      Thailand
  • June 01-July 30, 2010        Invited 2-month-long workshop at      Ritsumeikan University, Kyoto, Japan
  • March, 10-13, 2010        Discussion Note at SRA,      Philadelphia (Narrative Ways of Making Sense)
  • February, 21-22, 2010        Presentation at Napoli University,      Italy (Narratione e Se, What is Narrative Analysis)
  • January 29, 2010        Presentation at Excellence Cluster      FU Berlin (Narrative & Emotion)
  • January 18-24, 2010        Narrative Workshop at the      University of Hannover, Germany (Narrative Analysis)



  • June 4-6, 2009            JPS: Symposium organization +      Paper @ the Jean Piaget Society (Park City, Utah)
  • July 11, 2009            Colloquium @ Psychology      Department, Korea University in Seoul
  • July 20-23, 2009        IPrA: Symposium organization + 2      papers, Melbourne, Australia
  • July 24, 2009            Colloquium @      Narrative-Network-Australia, Melbourne, Australia
  • July 20-24, 2009        Week-long workshop on ‘Narrative      Methods’ @ Griffiths Uni, Brisbane, Australia
  • October 5, 2009        Clark-Centennial Conference      organization (Knowledge, Practice & Experience)
  • November 26-28, 2009    Presentation at Humboldt Univ. –      Conference on Rethinking Narrative Identity




March 13-16        Georgetown Roundtable (GURT) (Telling Stories—Building Bridges) – Narrative Teaching Workshop (with Deborah Tannen); + presentation and discussion note during the Meetings


April 16-19         2nd Planning Conference for the Clark 2009 Conference Centennial (at Clark University)


May 21-23         APS—Association for Psychological Science (Chicago)


May 23-27         ICA—International Communication Association (Montreal)


June 6-8         JPS—Jean Piaget Society (Quebec City)


July 6-15         TSIL—Taiwan Summer Linguistic Institute—Lecture Series (Taipei, Taiwan) (Schedule) (Day 2) (Day 3)


July 27-29         Clark/APA High School Teaching Workshop (Module on Interviewing)




February 27-March 14 – Narrative Workshop – Brisbane, Australia


April 21-24, AAAL – Costa Mesa, CA (PPT-Presentation on ‘Self Disclosure’)


May 31-June2, JPS – Amsterdam, Netherlands


May, June + July Research Stay in Freiburg, Germany


July 9-11 Clark/APA High School Teaching Workshop (Module on Interviewing)


July 13-15 – 1st Planning Conference for the Clark 2009 Conference Centennial (Luxembourg)


Workshops and Lectures in London (Kings College), Berlin (Berliner Methodentreffen), Freiburg (Psychology, Education, French, Linguistics), Mannheim (IDS), Kassel (Sociology)




April 28-May 7, Germany: April 29-30: conference-link; [conference-pictures; 1. Mai]  May 2: Munich;   May 4: Osnabrück [after-workshop]; May 6+7:


APS, New York APS-poster


May 25-28, Athens, Greece [workshop; pre-dinner; post-dinner; agora]


June 1-4, JPS, Baltimore


July 9-13, APA/Clark University Conference: Teaching Psychology in High Schools, Worcester Mass.


August 10-12, APA, New Orleans:  Invited Address (Division 24): Narrative & Identity in Discourse + symposium <symposium.ppt>+ apa-poster


August 13-Aug 20, 2006, International Discourse Studies Summer School, Aalborg, Denmark Workshop Information (updated July 14th, 2006)  DeXus pictures(=will take a while to download); ppt-presentations: lecture + final comments


October 20-21 National Academy of Education/Spencer-Fellowship Meeting in Boulder, CO <in the snow>


      Meppen 2006 <stuff 1> <stuff2> <<ppt1>>



The Language and Identity Tapestry: Linguistic re/presentation of identities in social interaction (GLS) <Narrative Symposium with Debby Schiffrin, Anna DeFina, Alexandra Georgakopoulou, Elliot Mischler, Mike Baynham, Brian Schiff, Stanton Wortham, & Susan Bell>, February 18-20, Georgetown University, Washington, D.C.


Narrative & Biography: Workshop in Research Methods  <conducted by Dr. Wolfram Fischer & Martina Goblirsch>. March 18-20, Clark University


Narrative & Memory
Research Group, Annual Conference
, April 9, 2005, Huddersfield, UK Huddersfield Paper


Social Life and Social Knowledge, Jean Piaget Society (JPS), June 2-4, Vancouver, Canada (Positioning Talk + Emotion Talk)


9th International Pragmatics Conference (IPrA) <Narrative Symposium – with Alexandra Georgakopoulou, Anna DeFina, Janet Spreckels, Molly Andrews, Liliana Cabral, & Branca Ribeira>, July10-15, Riva del Garda, Italy) <presentation with Alex Georgakopoulou> <discussion note of Ide/Saft Panel>


10th International Congress for the Study of Child Language (IASCL), July 25-29, Berlin, Germany <Dan Slobin Celebration Event>


APA Convention <Narrative Symposium – with Ken Gergen, Ruthellen Josselson, Dan McAdams, Donald Polkinghorn & Ted Sarbin>, August 18-21, Washington, D.C. <<presentation>> <<handout>> <<Shaggy Clip>>


1st Congress of the International Society for Cultural and Activity Research (ISCAR) <Narrative Symposium – with Jim Wertsch, Katherine Nelson, Wolfram Fischer, & Martina Goblirsch>, September, 20-24, Seville, Spain


MLA Convention <Narrative Symposium – with David Herman, Barbara Johnstone, & Rita Charon>, December 27-30, Washington, D.C.



International Society for Self and Identity in Austin, TX (January, 29)


for Personality and Social Psychology in Austin, TX (January, 29 – February, 1)


SRIF Meeting in Baltimore (March, 11)


SRA Meeting in Baltimore (March, 11-14)


Ms Foundation for Women’s Symposium on Gender: Supporting Boys’ Resilience in New York (March 25-26)


Narrative @ Memory Research Conference in Huddersfield, UK (April, 3)


The Founding Conference of the Clark/Holy Cross Consortium on Narrative – Inaugural Lecture by Jerry Bruner (The Reality of Fiction: Thoughts on Teaching Literature), Worcester, MA (April, 16-18) <pictures>


International Narrative Conference in Burlington, VT (April, 22-25)


Narrative Workshop – Pre-Conference Workshop in New Brunswick, Canada (May, 19)


Narrative Matters Roundtables in New Brunswick, Canada (May, 20-23)


IGALA at Cornell, Ithaca, NY (June, 4-6)


Self-Concept, Motivation and Identity in Berlin, Germany (July, 4-7)


Kolloquium @ Universitaet Landau, Germany (July, 8)


Kolloquium @ Universitaet Freiburg, Germany (July, 9)


Text & Discourse in Chicago (August, 1-4)


Narrative Workshop – Pre-Conference Workshop of the IACCP in Xian, China (July 31 – August 1)


International Association for Cross-Cultural Psychology in Xian, China (August, 2-5)


Peace as a Global Language Conference in Kyoto, Japan (September, 24-26)


Open lecture @ Ochanomizu University in Tokyo (September, 30)


      Quasthoff Symposium in Dortmund, Germany (October, 4)


  • March 3, 2003 –      Trinity College Dublin (IRE) Colloquium-Workshop on Narrative
  • March 5, 2003 –      Kings College, London (UK) “Discourse, identity, and the      use of narratives in the constructions of self”
  • March 12, 2003 – UMass      Amherst, Center for the Study of Communication – Colloquium presentation
  • March 22-25, 2003      — AAAL-Meetings in Arlington, VA – Panel on Positioning (Sat morning      9:00-12:30)
  • April 4, 2003 –      UMass, Amherst (1-day workshop on Social Positions and      Structures in Interaction) – presentation: “Narrative,      Discourse – Positioning”
  • June 5-7, 2003 — 33rd Annual Meeting of      the Jean Piaget Society – Symposium on Discourse and Gender      Development
  • July 13-18, 2003 –      8th International Pragmatics Conference in Toronto, Canada – Panel      on Positioning
  • July 19-20, 2003 –      Perception and Realization in Language and Gender Research – an      international conference; East Lansing, MI – presentation: “Gender      – a separable category for analysis?”
  • September 26th, Colloquium at      Lehigh University
  • November 6th, Colloquium at      Connecticut College
  • November 20-22,      2003 – 2nd International      Colloquium “Narratology Beyond Literary Criticism” – presentation: “Narratives,      Identities, and the Interactional Construction of Context”  <abstract> <pictures>
  • December, 13-14, 2003 –      Narrative Workshop @ Swarthmore



  • Jan 29th  Universität Oldenburg (Germany) —      Psychologisches Colloquium —- „Diskurs und Gender in      10-15-jaehrigen Maennern“
  • * Feb 20th   Neue Gesellschaft für Psychologie Kongress (Berlin, Germany)      —- “Conversational storytelling among young boys on      the topic of ‘girls'”
  • Mar 19th  Kings College Cambridge (UK) — Narrative      Workshop III – The Centre for Narrative Research in the Social Sciences      —- “Working with narratives from adolescent boys:      The method of using narrative-in-talk for the analysis of identity claims”
  • April 23rd  Freie Universität Berlin ) — Institut      für Soziologie (Lebenslaufsoziologisches Kolloquium) —- “Männlichkeitskonstruktionen      bei Jugendlichen – Zur Rolle von konversationellen Erzählungen in      Identitätskonstruktionen”
  • April 30th  Technische Universität Braunschweig      (Germany) — Psychologisches Kolloquium —- “Diskursanalyse      und Gender: ‘Warum man Frauen nicht trauen kann’“
  • May 14th  Stockholm University (Sweden) – Gender and      Discourse Group Colloquium —-  “The      analysis of gendered identity in discourse and in narratives”
  • May 15th Linköping University      (Sweden) – Department of Psychology —- Workshop with graduate students
  • May 16th Linkoeping University      (Sweden) – Department of Psychology Colloquium —- “‘You’re      right, it’s nuts, you can’t trust girls’ — The role of NARRATING in the      identity claims of 10-year-old boys”
  • May 19th  Copenhagen (Denmark) —      International Conference on Conversation Analysis (ICCA 02) Panel 7:      Narratives in Interaction —- “Narrative: A privileged      discourse mode for identity construction? — Sequencing narratives in the      interaction of 10-year-old boys”
  • June 11th Dortmund (Germany)      — Kolloquium Fachbereich Deutsch —- 16:00-18:00h “Wie      10-Jaehrige sich zu Männern machen: Zur Funktion von Erzählungen in der      Identitätsherstellung bei Jugendlichen”
  • June 18th Amsterdam (The      Netherlands) — International Society for Cultural Research and Activity      Theory – ISCRAT “‘You’re right, we can’t trust girls!’ —      Stories of competition and solidarity in converstaions among 10-year-old      males on the topic of gender”
  • June 28th Potsdam (Germany) —      Potsdamer Gender Studien  —-      “Die Herstellung von Männlichkeit in      konversationellen Erzählungen bei 10-jährigen Jungen”
  • October, 2002 —      Two Narrative Workshops in Tokyo, Japan, at Meiji Gakuin University (Oct.      16th) and Japan Women’s University (Oct. 18th)
  • Dec 18th Singapore – 13th World Congress of      Applied Linguistics (AILA) Symposium on Discourse and Masculinities in      Adolescence (symposium organizer) presentation: “Differences      and contradictions in male positions: How 10-year-old boys position      themselves vis-à-vis girls and women”



•      February 24th-27th, American Association for Applied Linguistics, St. Louis

•      May 16th Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) PUC — (all day) Workshop presentation on “Analyzing narrative and discourse”

•      May 17th-19th  Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) PUC — Keynote speaker and Discussant at the International Identity Conference

•      June 18th-29th Odense (Denmark) — Keynote speaker and teaching appointment at the Graduate School in Language & Communication, Odense University

•      Sept. 28th Passau (Germany) – 32nd  Jahrestagung  der GAL (Gesellschaft für Angewandte Sprachwissenschaft) —“Discourse, positioning, and the (re-)presentation of self”

•      Oct. 24th  Universität Potsdam (Germany) — Kolloquium zur linguistischen Kommunikationsforschung — “Konversationelle Eryählungen zum Thema ‘Girls’ – Warum man den Mädchen nicht trauen darf”

•      November 2nd  Freie Universität Berlin (Germany) — Germanistisches Forschungskolloquium —  “‘Sluts, Girls, und wir’ – Identitätskonstruktionen von 15-jaehrigen Jungen im Gruppengespräch”

•      Nov 12th  Clark University (US) — Psychology Colloquium (Department of Psychology) — “The role of narratives in identities: Theoretical & methodological considerations”

•      Nov 15th  Hokkaido University, Sapporo (Japan) — Department of Psychology — “Identity and Male Adolescence: Recent Trends in Youth Development”

•      Nov 16th  Hokkaido University, Sapporo (Japan) — Department of Psychology — “The Discursive Construction of Identity — New Approaches to Research in Identity Development”

•      Nov 16th  Kokka Gakuen University, Sapporo (Japan) — Department of Psychology — “Narrative Approaches to Psychology — Their Merits and Their Limitations”

•      Nov 18th  Osaka (Japan) – New School — „Identity Issues and New Forms of Construing Instruction“

•      Nov 21st  Kyoto University (Japan) — Department of Educational Psychology — “Working with Narratives from Adolescent Boys: The Method of Using Talk-Data for Identity-Claims”

•      Nov 21st  Kyoto University (Japan) — Department of Educational Psychology — “Developmental Psychology and Qualitative Methods: How to Do Developmental Research in the New Century”

•      Nov 24th  Kitakyushi (Japan) — International Conference Center (Pan Asian Conference) — “Masculine Identity Inside and Outside the Classroom” – Contribution to the Forum: ‘Inquiring into Gender Identity and Education’

•      Dec 4th  Technical University Berlin (Germany) — Psychologisches Kolloquium — “Zum Erwerb männlicher Identität bei Jugendlichen. — Zwischen Diskurs- und Erzählanalyse”


•      January 27th, Colloquium at the University of Alberta, Canada

•      February 14th, Colloquium at the Federal University Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

•      March 2nd-4th, Conference at Clark University on Discourse Methodologies for Identity Research

•      March 11th-14th, Presentation at the American Association for Applied Linguistics in Vancouver, Canada (“Positions toward Self and Other in the Construction of Male Identities”)

•      April 6th-9th, Presentation at the International Narrative Conference in Atlanta, GA (“Narrative – A Privileged Discourse Mode for Identity Research?”)

•      May, 18th, Colloquium at Brown University, Providence, RI

•      July 9th-14th, Presentations at the International Pragmatics Association Conference in Budapest, Hungary (“How Is Narrative Order Achieved?”) (“Positioning vis-à-vis Self and Others”)

•      July 16th-20th, Presentations at the III Conference for Sociocultural Studies in Campinas, Brazil (“Positioning Analysis in Written and Oral Self Presentations of Young Adolescents”) (“Narrating Self and Narrative Identity”) (Discussant in Session on Gender Construction in Cross-Cultural Contexts) (Roundtable Session of Journal Editors)

•      October 10th-14th, National Academy of Education Meeting in New York

•      November 14th-20th, Teaching appointment at Serrambi Summer School in Developmental Science, Recife, Brazil

•      December 18th, Colloquium at the Linguistics Department, Georgetown University, Washington, DC



•      Discussion note to the panel on “Narration and institutional identity”. AAAL Annual Meetings, New York, March 1999.

•      Invited panel speaker at International Symposium on “Discourse and Identity” at the Women’s University, Tokyo, March 1999.

•      Invited Keynote speaker at the “Kobe Symposium on Narrative Discourse”, Kobe, Japan, March 1999.

•      Two guest lectures at the College of Arts and Science in Hyogo, Japan, March 1999.

•      “Narrative and the ability to transform master narratives and dominant discourses”. Paper presented in the symposium on “Critical reflections on narrative and development”. Biennial Meeting of SRCD, Albuquerque, NM, April 1999.

•      Several guest lectures and workshops at universities in Rio de Janeiro, Recife, Brasilia, and Campinas in Brazil, June 1999.

•      Session organizer at the VIIIth International Congress for the Study of Child Language, San Sebastian, Spain, July 1999.

•      “Identities through talk: From discourse data to positioning.” Paper presented at the Luxembourg Conference “From Talk to Identity: How to Interpret Discourse Data for Identity Claims,” July 1999.

•      Session Organizer “The Self: Construction/Deconstruction”; International Conference on Social Construction and Relational Practices”. University of New Hampshire, September 1999.

•      Discussion Note on panel “Narrative and Institutional Discourse” at AAA Conference, Chicago, November 1999.

•     “Cohesion, Coherence, and Identity. From talk to assumptions about who we are.” Invited guest lecturer at the School of Psychology, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand, December, 1999.