Mobility Mode Detection from Raw GPS Data

  • Algorithm development for detecting mobility modes (e.g. walking, driving)
  • Building a tool for the detection and accuracy assessment
  • Developing a web mapping application for visualization and simulation

Spatiotemporal GIS and Environmental Modeling

  • Spatial-temporal modeling of air quality using remote sensing and GIS
  • Spatial Analytics
  • Geostatistical methods

Land Use/Cover Change and Landscape Ecology

  • Multi-resolution land cover and land use classification using remotely sensed data
  • Multi-scale analysis and modeling of urban environmental change using remote sensing and GIS

Environmental Epidemiology and Public Health

  • Spatial-temporal detection of diease outbreaks/prevalence in GIS surveillance system
  • Spatial relationship of chronic diseases and environmental factors

Remote Sensing Image Processing and Feature Extraction

  • Object-oriented image processing
  • Road and building extraction from high-resolution remotely sensed imagery