Valerie Gikas (’14, Wheaton College) Visiting Scholar

ValGikasVisSchFor as long as I can remember I’ve had a passion for nature and animals. My interests are broad and plentiful so I haven’t quite narrowed down a specific direction, though ever since I was young, I’ve been intrigued by big cats, specifically tigers. Next year I will graduate from Wheaton College as an Environmental Science major and Animal Behavior minor. During my senior year I hope to be involved in some form of research either with a Wheaton faculty member, or with the Wheaton College Applied Behavior Analysis Research Team. I am spending my summer at Clark University in the Foster/Baker Lab where I have the opportunity to learn about and become involved in the various stickleback research projects.

Outside of the Lab

At Wheaton I have been involved in Amnesty International, Animal Advocates, and the Feminist Association of Wheaton. I enjoy volunteering my time to work with animals and, while at Wheaton, I volunteer at both Winslow Animal Sanctuary and Mansfield Animal Shelter. I love to be outdoors and enjoy camping and going to the beach. I also hope to jumpstart a lifelong bird watching hobby this summer. I enjoy yoga, reading, and watching all the latest reality TV shows.