Jenna Kosmo (’15) Undergraduate

Jenna Kosmo ("13)I have always been interested in marine life and ecosystems, and since coming to Clark I have been able to pursue that interest academically.  I am a Biology major and have been working in the Foster/Baker lab since 2011, the fall of my freshman year.  While I started out doing smaller tasks around the lab I have worked up to larger projects.  This past year I worked with Miguel Reyes on his tests with diet restraints and swimming performance in stickleback.  After restricting the diet of the fish we ran them through a flow tank and timed how long they could swim against the current.  This summer I will raise fry from Alaska and test their feeding performance; hopefully forming my own research from there.  I will also have the opportunity to travel to Newfoundland, Canada, to study stickleback from the east coast.  I look forward to the experience of studying the fish in the field and learning to collect samples.  I am particularly excited by this opportunity because we will stay at the Bonne Bay Marine Laboratory- offering me the chance to further explore the marine environment in which many stickleback live.

Outside the lab

At Clark I have been a member-and now leader-of the on campus group RAWR (Respecting Animal Welfare and Rights).  I also attend yoga practices and go hiking whenever I get the chance.  If I’m not outside you can often find me curled up with a good book and a mug of tea or listening to music and playing my ukulele.


  • LEEP Pioneer Award, 2013
  • Maurine Milburn Research Fellowship 2013