Gabriela Jijon Nemalceff (’14) Undergraduate

Gabriella JijonThis is my last year as an undergraduate at Clark. I am majoring in Environmental Science and following the Conservation Biology track. For two semesters, I took directed study courses with Dr. John Baker. In these courses, I had the chance to take an in-depth look at many topics on stream systems and riparian forests. The topics that I found the most interesting were the role of riparian forests on stream system health and stream-riparian fluxes.

This summer I will be working in Dr. Baker’s lab and will be surveying macroinvertebrates to assess the effects of land-cover on macroinvertebrate distribution and abundance in the East Branch of the Swift River. I am planning to do the 5th year MS in Biology at Clark and to continue sampling macroinvertebrates for my Master’s Thesis.

Other Activities

Outside of the lab, I like to spend some time in the swimming pool and do outdoors activities. I am part of the Varsity Swimming and Diving Team at Clark and have been swimming for 15 years.  I also enjoy horseback riding and hiking trips, especially back home in Ecuador.


  • Global Scholars Program Stipend 2013
  • LEEP Pioneer 2013
  • Maurine Milburn Fellowship Award 2013