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We’re Back!!!

Spring semester’s greeting from our lab to yours!  Hannah Reich and Nick Pagan here, back from our study abroad and not-so-abroad experiences.  Now that we’re back, what better way to celebrate than to pick through the preserved macroinvertebrates we collected

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The Trouble with Mussels Is…

The freshwater pearl mussel has a unique life cycle that includes female mussels ingesting sperm from the surrounding water to fertilize their eggs. Once the eggs are fertilized the female is considered gravid, or pregnant. The fertilized eggs (glochidia) are

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Unionoid Treasure Hunt

For the last few weeks, the stream team has gone mussel crazy. We have been, for the most part, contributing to Hannah’s project of obtaining DNA samples from freshwater pearl mussels (Margaritifera margaritifera) all over the drainage of the east

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“How to Milk Macroinvertebrates”

  So, the free snapping of a digital camera can catch the funniest things. Today was the first day of Gaby’s macroinvertebrate sampling in Brooks Woodland. From our early morning start, we knew it would be a hot, muggy day.

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Mussel Madness!

My first introduction to Margaritifera margaritifera, the freshwater pearl mussel, occurred during a stream site visit in the Spring of 2010. Brittany Laginhas (’10), a senior at the time, planned to conduct Masters research on the population distribution and habitat

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Clark has a new Stream Team!

Last year, I experienced for the first time the joy of sitting in a stream on a hot, humid summer day, with my impermeable waders keeping me dry while allowing the cooling and soothing effects of the ripples rushing to

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