Month: June 2013

Seagrass Sleuthing

Karissa and Deb participated in the Padilla Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve survey of seagrass distribution this past month.  In addition to helping out, we also collected tissue for genetic analyses of the native Zostera marina and the non-native Zostera

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Evolution of Mammalian Diving Capacity Traced by Myoglobin Net Surface Charge

This article in Science examines the molecular evolution of myoglobin and in particular changes that result in differences in the net surface charge of the protein.  Increases in net surface charge allow for increased oxygen storage while protecting protein stability. 

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Study Finds Large Seabird Toll From Fishing Nets –

This article from the New York Times summarizes a study reporting at least 400,000 seabirds are snared and drowned by gillneting activities.  The original article appeared in Biological Conservation. Study Finds Large Seabird Toll From Fishing Nets –

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Graduation Season

Congratulations to all the graduating lab members – Jessica, Katie, Caroline, Hillary, Kristen, Karissa, and Magali.  For those of you not staying for the fifth year, stay in touch!

Spring 2013

Congratulations to Jessica Alexander and Katie Friedman on the completion of their Master’s thesis and defense.  We will miss them both but look forward to hearing about their future successes.     Karissa Lear and Magali Lemahieu successfully defended their