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Participating in couples’ research to tell us about your relationship today will allow us to help other couples like you tomorrow.  We are not actively recruiting participants for any projects at the current time, but please check back for opportunities to participate in our research at a later time.

Top Twelve Marital Health Checkup Questions

By Dr. James V. Cordova, Author of “The Marriage Checkup: A Scientific Program for Sustaining and Strengthening Marital Health”.

  1. We both feel safe talking to each other about our personal failures and worries.
  2. We both express emotions like anger and hurt in healthy respectful ways.
  3. We can clearly and effectively communicate differences of opinion.
  4. I am curious about and interested in how my partner is changing and growing every day.
  5. My partner feels accepted by me as a person, “warts and all.”
  6. There aren’t any lingering or unforgiven hurts in our relationship.
  7. There is a strong spiritual dimension to our marriage.
  8. My partner and I feel emotionally close to each other during and after sex.
  9. My partner and I cope well with differences about money.
  10. I feel like my partner and I are “in it together” when it comes to parenting.
  11. We function well as a team to effectively address both individual and shared problems.
  12. When life gets hard for either of us, our relationship is a safe port in the storm.

Answering “False” to any of the above questions may indicate a possible area of concern in your overall marital health. This test, however, is not a thorough and accurate test of your overall marital health. Concerns about your marital health should be discussed with a qualified marital health professional.