Group Picture: Spring 2017
New Members

Undergraduates interested to learn more about the Jakobsche group should contact Prof. Jakobsche by email. Please send me a copy of your transcript as well as a description of why you are interested in my group and what your goals are at Clark and beyond. I am generally looking for students who are aiming to be part of the group for more than a year including spending at least one summer doing full-time, on-campus research and doing directed studies during the academic years. The best time to contact me is sophomore year during November–December while you are taking orgo 1.

Potential graduate students should contact Dr. Jakobsche by email. Please include a full CV, a copy of your transcript, your GRE and TOEFL scores (as applicable), and a statement about your professional interests, goals, and why Clark is a good match for you. More information can be found Here.

Applications for postdoctoral research positions must be submitted by physical mail; applications received by email will not be considered. Within your application, please indicate why our department is a good match for you.

Current Members

Muyun (Tony) Xu
Ph.D. Program
Hometown: Tianjin, China
Undergrad: Nankai University

Luke Barrows
Class of 2019
Hometown: Milton, MA
Biochemistry Major

Anh-Vy Le
Class of 2020
Hometown: Paxton, MA
Biochemistry Major

Group Alumni

Ashley Burke
Biochem. Major (honors), Class of 2016
5th Year Masters Program, 2017
Next: Research Scientist at Novartis, MA

Alex Wall
Biochemistry Major, Class of 2016
5th Year Masters Program, 2017
Next: Reagent Scientist at Alere, ME

Blaine McCarthy
Chemistry Major (Honors), Class of 2015
Next: Chemistry Ph.D. program
at The University of Colorado

Brooke Yasgur
Biochemistry Major, Class of 2014
Next: Masters Program in Nutrition
at Columbia University

Conner Daube
Chemistry Major, Class of 2015
Next: Research Scientist
at Aerodyne Research, MA

Danielle Augur
Chemistry & International Development Majors, Class of 2016
Next: Regulatory Affairs Associate
at Molecular NeuroImaging, CT

Devon Fontaine
Chemistry Major (Honors), Class of 2017
Next: Research Scientist
at PCI Synthesis Inc., MA

George Baumgartel
Chemistry Major (Honors), Class of 2015
Next: Chemistry Ph.D. program
at Colorado State University

George Carlson
Chemistry Major, Class of 2014
Next: 3-2 Engineering Program
at Columbia University

Linshu Wang
Chemistry M.S., 2016
Next: Research Scientist
at Radikal Therapeutics, MA

Maria Solares Bucaro
Biochemistry Major, Class of 2017
Next: Biomedical Sciences Ph.D.
at Virginia Tech

Mike Reardon
Chemistry Ph.D., 2017
Next: Visiting Assistant Professor
at Union College, NY

Nick MacArthur
Chemistry Major (Honors), Class of 2016
Next: Chemistry Ph.D. program
at Princeton University

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