In August of 2014 Dr. Gardner accepted a position at the California Institute of Technology’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

His updated contact information and research profile can be found

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Professor Alex Gardner created The Cryosphere Research Group in 2012 at Clark University with the aim of building a research concentration dedicated to bettering our understanding of how glaciers, ice sheets, snow, and sea ice respond to natural and human induced forcings. Frozen high latitude and high altitude regions are experiencing rapid observable change and are among the regions most sensitive to climate warming. It is the goal of The Cryosphere Research Group to quantify the impacts of a changing climate on the Earth’s frozen surfaces (the cryosphere). The group is particularly interested in quantifying glacier response to changes in environmental conditions and determining the impacts of glacier change on water resources and sea level change. The group takes a novel approach to cryosphere research through the integration of numerical modeling results, remote sensing data, and field observations to develop thorough analysis that illuminate the drivers of change. Over the next century and beyond, glaciers are going to play an important role in global sea level rise and changes in regional water resources. Our program’s goal is to be a leading center for understanding and predicting these changes.

Areas of Research:
 – Climate-Cryosphere Interaction
 – Remote Sensing of the Cryosphere
 – Global and Polar Climate Change
 – Arctic Climatology
 – Snow & Ice Reflectance
 – Sea Level Rise
 – Earth System Modeling